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All the Teaching Money resources are now available as part of iR Online.
Try a few free taster activities below and then head over to www.interactive-resources.co.uk for over 500 interactive maths games and teaching tools!

Pick and Mix

Pick and Mix - Game

Set up the difficulty settings (ranging from easy to mega hard!) and then attempt to answer the required number of questions.


Count Up!

Count up! - Game

What's the total of the coins displayed on screen? The coins displayed are all draggable to aid the counting process.


Money Machine

Money Machine - Teaching Tool

Use the money machine to convert between pounds and pence. Alternatively, ask pupils what the display will read if we add/subtract 10p...20p...50p..etc


All your favourite Teaching Money resources, and a host of new activities, are now part of iR Online.
Visit www.interactive-resources.co.uk for a free trial.

Interactive Resources

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